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Thank you to our nursing staff who work so hard for our patients in normal times, but have really stepped up to the plate during the COVID-19 outbreak. Your work is extremely appreciated and valued.

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In order to keep our residents, their personal representatives and families, and the public informed of COVID-19 cases, the center is providing information whenever a new positive case of COVID-19 is confirmed or whenever three or more residents or staff show signs of respiratory issues within a 72-hour period.

Date of most recent confirmed infection of COVID-19


Date of most recent occurrence of three or more residents or staff with new-onset of respiratory symptoms within 72 hours of each other


The center is doing everything possible to limit the spread of the virus, including adhering to guidance from federal, state, and local health and policy authorities. Additional information on mitigating steps the center is taking to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19, as well as cumulative information on COVID-19 cases at the center, can be found below.

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Short-Term Stay After Hospital Admission

Patients that have been admitted to a hospital for a minimum of three nights may have the option for a short-term stay in our center to receive 24-hour Nursing care and Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy up to seven-days each week. Patients may also request a short-term Respite in-patient stay for periods of a few days to several months.

In-Patient Residential Stay

Patients that require a permanent in-patient stay may be admitted from the Hospital, Assisted Living Facility or Home after receiving an admission order from their primary physician.

Specialty Programs

Our Center is focused on adding specialty clinical programs to better serve patients. In some cases, additional training and education can be provided for staff on specialized equipment and treatment programing that may enhance recovery times. READ MORE



Private/Semi Private Rooms

Admissions 7 Days per Week

Dining Areas

Therapy up to 7 Days per Week


Rehabilitation Gym



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UPDATE:This facility is trending in magnificent ways! The location is in the heart of an upscale neighborhood, with ample parking including covered parking accommodations. I am most impressed with the current staff. The new Administrator, Sekeithia Jones has an made some dramatic positive improvements since my last review six months ago. During her three- four month administration, I have seen increased patient engagement, this administrator is hands -on, she assists the staff and patients by helping to feeding patients, she has increasing family participation by hosting Town Hall Meetings, and reducing agency staff to ensure committed continuity of care! The Staff Development Coordinator EJ provided staff and residents with a mobile in-house Flu Shot Clinic. The Activities Director Linda exudes enthusiasm for the residents by ensuring each resident feels cherished and motivated in the various creative activities provided daily.The collaboration between Bethany of Human Resources, Staff Development and Administrator are on point. I see more smiles and camaraderie among the staff. This facility utilizes EMAR Electronic Medication Administration Record, has highly trained nurses that competently work to their full scope of practice and can successfully treat complex surgical wounds.Patients and Residents are seen by a physician within 24 hours after admissions and those requiring ancillary care are provided weekly visits by board certified Wound Nurse Practitioner, Psychologist and Psychiatric. Social Work assessment are conducted, and both the long term and short-term patients are provided with vision, dental and podiatry care as well as safe proper care plans for those being discharged. The Therapy staff PT, OT and SLP is amazing! I continue to stand by my recommendation:Should a loved one require assistance via therapy, skilled nursing or long-term care, this facility has the caring knowledgeable dedicated staff, clean and well-maintained space, sophisticated equipment and technology to exceed expectations! It is truly evident that the entire staff from the Administrator to Housekeeping considers each patient/resident important by answering call bells quickly to reassure patient/resident they matter most!
Dee Williams
I joined Raleigh Rehabilitation Center in September 2018. During my tenure I have had the luxury of meeting the most professional staff I have had the opportunity to experience in my 26 years in long term care. As with any skilled nursing facility we have our challenges, but with the perseverance and professionalism of the caring, considerate and compassionate staff we are able to overcome any obstacle.
James Cunningham

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