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This Place has been wonderful this was my third time for rehab each time has been better & better. Helpful friendly staff the food was good they let chose what I ate. Rehab staff they Just got me all back together quickly. This place is GOOD if you need help getting better that what they do I'm going home today Thank you 2nd floor nursing staff . God Bless hem all
Mae Fisher
This Place has been wonderful this was my third time for rehab each time has been better & better. Helpful friendly staff the food was good they let chose what I ate. Rehab staff they Just got me all back together quickly. This place is GOOD if you need help getting better that what they do I'm going home today Thank you 2nd floor nursing staff . God Bless hem all
Mae Fisher
I enjoy being a staff here at Raleigh rehabilitation I started as a CNA and transition over to a nurse. The staff is great and teamwork and communication is outstanding and that combo gives our residents quality care. We strive for the best and our out come is excellent service for our residents.
Jameca Luckett
I enjoy being a staff here at Raleigh rehabilitation I started as a CNA and transition over to a nurse. The staff is great and teamwork and communication is outstanding and that combo gives our residents quality care. We strive for the best and our out come is excellent service for our residents.
Jameca Luckett
I started at raleigh rehab in Dec. 18, and i have had the privilege of working closely with a staff of dedicated individuals who treat their residents with the utmost respect, dignity, while providing top notch care. Highly recommended A+
Dru Mcneill
Great rehab team who is very passionate about patient care and has excellent rehab outcomes.Dedicated staff that works hard every day to provide quality care to improve our residents life .
Rekha Manoj
UPDATE:This facility is trending in magnificent ways! The location is in the heart of an upscale neighborhood, with ample parking including covered parking accommodations. I am most impressed with the current staff. The new Administrator, Sekeithia Jones has an made some dramatic positive improvements since my last review six months ago. During her three- four month administration, I have seen increased patient engagement, this administrator is hands -on, she assists the staff and patients by helping to feeding patients, she has increasing family participation by hosting Town Hall Meetings, and reducing agency staff to ensure committed continuity of care! The Staff Development Coordinator EJ provided staff and residents with a mobile in-house Flu Shot Clinic. The Activities Director Linda exudes enthusiasm for the residents by ensuring each resident feels cherished and motivated in the various creative activities provided daily.The collaboration between Bethany of Human Resources, Staff Development and Administrator are on point. I see more smiles and camaraderie among the staff.This facility utilizes EMAR Electronic Medication Administration Record, has highly trained nurses that competently work to their full scope of practice and can successfully treat complex surgical wounds.Patients and Residents are seen by a physician within 24 hours after admissions and those requiring ancillary care are provided weekly visits by board certified Wound Nurse Practitioner, Psychologist and Psychiatric. Social Work assessment are conducted, and both the long term and short-term patients are provided with vision, dental and podiatry care as well as safe proper care plans for those being discharged. The Therapy staff PT, OT and SLP is amazing!I continue to stand by my recommendation:Should a loved one require assistance via therapy, skilled nursing or long-term care, this facility has the caring knowledgeable dedicated staff, clean and well-maintained space, sophisticated equipment and technology to exceed expectations! It is truly evident that the entire staff from the Administrator to Housekeeping considers each patient/resident important by answering call bells quickly to reassure patient/resident they matter most!
Dee Williams
Raleigh Rehab has been my work “home” for the past 5 years. We are making wonderful progress ensuring this facility is a great place to work and an excellent home for our residents.
Angie Holloman
Raleigh Rehab has been a true blessing. The rehabilitation is amazing! The staff is amazing! I 100% recommend this facility. The activities and food are great. Felino, Jameca, Debra and Karen, entire staff are wonderful
Powerful Female
After both my parents ended up here, we recently held a patient care review for my dad and the team asked to address the "grievances" which were only pointed out in my online reviews. So, I assume, they do pay attention to social media and other reviews. I recapped the issues with them when they asked and they agreed that my observances did not meet their standards of operation and care. In the future, Raleigh Rehab asked that I utilize their grievance form to make them aware of problems in the future. I have edited this review to reflect this session as I believe the staff are trying to improve the care patients receive at the facility and I was unaware of the grievance form.
Tim Brown
This is a great place to work. Team of caring people and highly motivated to make things better each day.
Regina Bridgers
Wonderful place to work! The staff truly care about their patients.
Fatima Darboe
Raleigh Rehabilitation is a wonderful and caring rehabilitation center. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and focused on patient and family needs.
Leslie Mattison
Nice friendly staff clean facility excellent customer service
kathleen stametz
I enjoy working there...staff believes in team Work and Giving the Residents the Best Quality of care.
Fanica Hinnant
Wonderful place to work,you will get along well with your co-workers and management is great. Come join our wonderful team and make a difference in people's lives here.
Veronica Rackley
I love that the staff greets you with a smile and says hello. Also the nursing staff is fantastic!! If you ever need anything there is always someone that is able to talk to you and get that issue taken care.
Alexis Parks Makeup and Hair Channel
Great place for rehab and friendly staff.
Denise Holder
This is a awesome place to work for the staff and administrative staff are available anytime you need them. Great benefits and employees incentives programs
Tamara Ihenyen
Love love love Raleigh Rehab!!! My dad enjoyed his stay there! The Rehab department got him back onto his feet and in his home. He is doing great living independently with home care visits. But none of this would have occurred without the Social Worker, Nursing and Rehab care received from Raleigh Rehabilitation Center!!!!
Sherri Kenion
I joined Raleigh Rehabilitation Center in September 2018. During my tenure I have had the luxury of meeting the most professional staff I have had the opportunity to experience in my 26 years in long term care. As with any skilled nursing facility we have our challenges, but with the perseverance and professionalism of the caring, considerate and compassionate staff we are able to overcome any obstacle.
James Cunningham
As a new staff to the facility, admin, staff and residents are all very welcoming! This is a great place to work not to mention great benefits, the facility is clean and the food is great!
Shalesa Graham
Kind and Caring team of professionals that make sure loved ones are happy and healthy. Always greeted professionally when calling or when entering the facility. Timely service when on hold to be transferred, and quick response back when waiting on a call back from the facility. I have confidence my loved ones will remain in the best care throughout their stay at Raleigh Rehab Center. Staff are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that all needs are met of Residents and Family, to ease worry of their loved ones.
cody cunningham
This is my second time working at Raleigh Rehab, I’ve been here a little over a year. I must say the facility has made 180 degree turnaround. I clearly see a real change in not only the department heads but the staff alike. The residents and staff are very happy and really enjoyed coming to work.
I was making a delivery to a customer and was very impressed with the way I was greeted by the receptionist Denise. The lobby was nice and inviting; I asked if there had been changes in management and she said there is a rather new Administrator named Jayme. While waiting, I noticed the residents and staff seemed content. A great combination in this industry. Kudos to Raleigh Rehabilitation Center and it’s staff on maintaining an positive environment for our elderly and those short term patients on the mend!
AVON Glamour eRep
Awesome staff! Social workers and nurses are always so helpful and caring when it comes to their patients. They follow up with the residents and their families once they have discharged from the facility to make sure they are still healthy and doing good. They leave Raleigh rehab with a great plan in place. Always a pleasure when I visit this facility.
Raleigh Rehabilitation Center is one of the best my first time being there for my brother and the service and people is so nice and caring.He told that he felt right at home and he loves his time there.
Brionna Barrow
Great facility full of caring and experienced professionals. Would recommend to anyone needing short term rehab or long term care.
Jessica Seate
Raleigh Rehab is a warm and welcoming skilled nursing facility with friendly and attentive staff. The social work and nursing staff are always able and willing to attend to the needs of residents and families.
Ashleigh Abercrombie
I am thankful that Raleigh Rehabilitation has a team that comprises nursing excellence. Their clinical knowledge is the very best. They are highly recommended and have great success rates for those patients and residents with diagnosis that require a high level of skill. I am glad to be on the team.
yolande murphy
I love this place the staff was very helpful and worked as a team. The smiles on the residents faces during activities was priceless.
Latesha Salgado
My father was recently hospitalized and was actively passing when I encountered a member of this facility by chance. My mother and I had gone to the lobby of the hospital to take in the news of his passing. When I got up to answer a phone call, a younger female walked passed and kindly asked my mother if she needed a tissue. She didn’t know my mom or what she was so upset about nor did she know I was watching. For the first time that day I saw my mother smile. It wasn’t a huge gesture or something that needed to be recorded to get recognition but it was probably the most sincere act of kindness I have witnessed in a long time. My mother told me she had asked my father to show her a way it would be ok and she showed me the tissue. My mother did not know I was there and saw what happened but I could see she was relieved for the first time in weeks. It wasn’t until the girl walked away that I noticed her book said Raleigh Rehabilitation Center on it and she was a representative of the facility. Though my father didn’t make it to the point of a facility, I would have wanted him to go there.
Amie Johnson
Facility is clean with Friendly staff. I enjoyed the covered parking on a rainy day! Highly recommend your family member for therapy. Definitely a 5 star facility!
Snow Tate
I love this Facility!! Great staff the administrative team is very responsive and the nursing team is amazing the therapy staff is wonderful!! I wouldn't take my loved one anywhere else!!
Samantha Lynn
Thank you far the fantastic care and services this professional Team provided their patients every day.! If you are looking for a clean, friendly and caring health care facility choose Raleigh Rehabilitation for your family member.
Tom ONeill
I am proud to be a member of the Raleigh Rehab team. Long-term care is a industry with lots of challenges but we are building a team that cares, works hard and wants to be the facility of choice in Raleigh for rehab and long-term care. If you have any concern with the care provided we want to know to review, resolve and work towards a system to avoid the same concern. We want to partner with families, community members, patients and staff to provide the best service possible. I welcome all to visit, volunteer or apply for a job to improve the services provided to the disabled and elderly in Raleigh.
Jennifer LaMar
My mother has been cared at raleigh rehab for some time now. I can’t complain for her safety or care. My mother’s health has improved and she can even walk after multiple doctors told her that she would not be able to. The food service for my mother is good can be better. The staff is amazing to my mom her Nurses Kimberly who is her day nurse who my mother and I adore. She makes sure all my mother medications are given and also sticks up for her. Laura who is her afternoon nurse is always on top of my mother making sure she takes her medications. Also Jameka her night nurse who checks up on her through the night. My mother adores Mia her nursing assistant Mia is my mother favorite of all. Shanelle the unit manager makes sure my mother is safe free of harm. Laundry can be better with linen, overall my mother loves it there and activities are fun filled days all day long. I thank the Whole staff on the 4th floor.
Chris Berner
My wife has been at Raleigh Rehab twice over the past year and a half after being at UNC Hospitals each time. She is at home now and in my opinion home for good. We just finished working with Rex Home Care. The Rex Home Care people commented when they first saw my wife on how good of shape she was in to continue her rehab activities and the facility she was at ( Raleigh Rehab) had done a great job. Caregiving is not a word we often think about until it is a love one or ourselves that need the caregiving. Raleigh Rehab employees exhibited excellent caregiving.Caregiving was given by many in the facility. There are too many names to give for fear of leaving off a deserving name. Let me touch on each discipline that provided for my wife's care.Rehab at Raleigh Rehab was excellent. the skill set of a successful physical or occupational therapist is much more than just a broad knowledge of exercises. it is essential that the therapist knows how to encourage a person to do as much as they can so a to move forward, but at the same time know when a person is doing there best the can. there are many factors which can make it difficult to know when a person is doing there best such as fear of falling and medical issues which may cause a person to not respond very well to requests. The therapists which we worked with were very knowledgeable of all of the above. They were always striving to communicate with their partners in such a way as to promote there self-esteem. It was also a blessing to me as well as my wife that I was able to and was encourage to be a part of her therapy. This knowledge of therapy has been extremely helpful for me at home. The medical staff ( doctors, directors, and nurses) were always open to questions about labs being done and lab results. The dialogue was kept up between my wife's doctors at UNC and the facility medical staff after appointments at UNC. Certain aspects of her care required monitoring of levels through properly scheduled labs.Good CNA work probably not thought about by many is an absolute essential part of the caregiving effort. Mobility is a blessing that is to be treasured by us. The interaction of a good CNA with a person who has mobility or other issues that reduce their ability to help themselves in many basic ways is to be respected. I will just I learned a lot form the CNA's there and I am very thankful for it.I would strongly recommend Raleigh Rehabilitation Center to anyone in need of caregiving and rehabilitation.Sincerely,Frank.
Frank Peoples